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I started learning how to write songs, play the ukelele and sing in 2021. Here is a sample of my writing.

Image by Kari Shea
Song Writing: Welcome

Shining brightly amongst the brittle and broken

Don't let the masses dim your outspoken

Golden leaf, confetti rain,

the world is graced by all your pain

Melted down and cast again, you'll never be the same again

Life ain't what is shouldn't be,  nor will it ever be

Melt down and cast again, you can be the change again


Song Writing: Quote
Image by Terricks Noah


Pretty, sitting nicely tidied on your chest

Its cute and funny how it makes you look

I can see the twinkle in your eye

You're proud as punch

Wink wink, I've see that smile

Cheekily and warmly assuring me that you're just fine

You trot on by, I can feel you quirk tickle by me

I love you, I love you, I really do

Bouncing to Dad, you make me cry

Tears roll down my love stricken eye

I haven't loved you as much as I do now

Song Writing: About


Sky blue oh baby how I love you.

Your blushing and gushing with depthless beauty.

I gasp at your nothingness which goes on and on and on and on.

Your smell of a crisp new day never ceases to take my breath away.

I bathe in all your glory for you hold the space for me cry, laugh, play and die.

Every night I go to bed with you and your deep deep blue.

Your stars shoot and crackle and burn through the night.

You fill my heart, my cup and my smile with a knowing,

A knowing that today's gift is all but one deep breath away.

Song Writing: Text

Ugh gosh I can't stand your smell

How will I even perform as well when all I see is hell

One, two, three, four raspberries in my porridge

Countlessly counting my life away

Five, six, seven, eight my weight clings to my frame

Fearing the wicked criticism coming from my own mind

A never ending quest for perfectionism orchestrates my existence

I can never seem to placate the demons within

Rushing around in my head, whirring from a merry-go-round


Image by Sergei Gavrilov
Song Writing: Quote
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