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  • Britt Furlanis

NudeUP - they came, they bared all, they loved themselves

Being nude with a person you've never met before is a courageous act. Try doing that with ten people! In February, Ten women decided there was something to discover about how they related to their nude body so they bared all at NudeUP.

NudeUP is Brisbane's newest feminine masterpiece. Directly opposing the brawny term "Suit up", NudeUP is curated by womanly rockstars - Britt Furlanis (me), Rikki Yeowart and Bianca Young - to enable women to discover a new relationship with their nude body and celebrate all that was always there – their beautiful bodies!

Anchored in vulnerability, the women pull towards them experiences that have shaped their view of who they are and in sharing their experience each woman is newly bonded in the fabric of what it means to be a woman in 2022. Women emerge from NudeUP having shed a social norm or two. One partner of a woman who attended had this to say:

“It is like there is more space inside of her, like she discarded something and felt more open.”

What happens at NudeUP can be described as transformational. This is to say that it keeps working on you after you’ve left! From dancing our bodies in natural unconformed ways, partnered vulnerability exercises and consciously experiencing food, each woman explores her own feminine beauty and unleashes her self-expression.

“All of the activities were awesome, but my absolute highlight was dancing our way through each of the body’s energy centres - it was so freeing and fun and beautiful.”

The intention of NudeUP is for all women to love bodies and we believe that when women love bodies just the way they and just the way they are not women are free to be whoever they want to be without having to look a particular way. A world where women are free to be, look and act is future that NudeUP is committed to creating.

This is what participants are saying about NudeUP:

“This work is so important for women across the globe.”

“I honestly can’t recommend the NudeUP experience enough! I was a little apprehensive about some of the activities because they were totally new to me, but once I was there in such a lovely and warm environment, they felt so natural and wholesome. Do yourself and your body a favour and sign up to this amazing experience.”

The success of the first NudeUP workshop has inspired the us to design the next workshop to be held in Brisbane later in 2022. For more information and to register visit .

NudeUP creators, from left: Bianca Young, Britt Furlanis (me), Rikki Yeowart

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