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Let go of the banana

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

By letting go it all gets done. Lao Tzu

This phase is true in my life's journey so far however I heard it many years before I started healing. Apart from a deep breath or throwing back another gin to "let go" why didn't this phrase have a material effect early on in my life?

I wasn't aware of what I was holding on to [insert banana].

So, what was I holding on to?

Habits that gave me the illusion of control & certainty. AND control & certainty itself.

- Tracking calories in - Weighing food - Tracking calories burnt during exercise - Reps and volume moved during a sesh - Counting steps & hours slept - Counting time itself - Rigid training regimes - The way I should look / others expect me to look

To want to control this much without a specific goal I had to experience being out of control. Which I did. It was like who I was didn't come from within, it was out there somewhere and I wasn't the cause of it. It is common human behaviour to do the opposite in reaction to you fear most.

As scary as letting go was, I first had to know what to let go of before I could leap. Have a look around in your life and ask yourself, if you did NOT have to hold on to [X] who would you be?

Surprisingly I let go to the point of detriment i.e. I might have exercised once a week, I felt foggy every morning, I was my emotions (annoyed, expectant, angry, snappy). Sensing I had hit the bottom there was only one way to go, UP. I took on a running challenge, 5 kms per day inside of my commitment to being mentally and physically well.

The result was awesome. I ran for 27 of the 30 days. After the first week I felt great, physically and mentally. I looked forward to running so that I could keep processing and healing and challenging myself to run faster. Running everyday used to be a PIPE DREAM for me and now I know I can achieve what my mind perceives as hard, tough, scary, impossible.

Give yourself the gift of letting go.

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