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There are many social agreements (or consensus) for what is and is not beautiful. Beautiful is subjective. You don't have to go much further than your house to see the social agreements about what beautiful looks like in a lounge room, kitchen, dining room, bed room etc.

Human beings tend to objectify themselves - I have. The difference between people and objects is that, unless you're an identical twin, no two people look the SAME. This is why wanting to look like someone else whilst still being YOU is an unrealistic expectation. Said another way, if you aren't present to who YOU are you could become addicted to the quest of looking like someone else. If it is impossible to look like someone else then you are chasing an ideal that doesn't exist in reality i.e. YOU are not living in reality.

You say: UGH! Am I not living in reality?

I say: Probably not and its okay, you're not unique or alone in this one.

I used to live 100% in my head, imagining about what I and my life should look like and not in reality. Living this way left me angry, self loathing and supressed. Each day I practise bringing myself into reality. I look at my body and get for myself that it is uniquely my own and I practise appreciating what my body actually looks like. When I do this I create more love for me, I fill my own cup up and I'm way more pleasant to be around 💜


#bodyimage #reality #eatingdisorderrecovery #bulimia #love

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