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In 2019 I commenced learning the art of self reflection and being 100% responsible for my life. Since starting down this road my life has been forever altered. Altered because I now know myself as having a say in my life, as someone who does what they say they are going to do and is powerful in dealing with life. How do I know this? I overcame bulimia, a mental illness that I lived with for 10 years. I am now an advocate of loving one's body nude and mindful practices for eating.

What is remarkable is that I did not have a 'mental breakdown' whilst dealing with my mental health. I actually thrived at work, taking on a leadership role in my organisation and increasing my income by up to 200% in two years. I am currently the Gas Portfolio Manager, leading a team of seven in the Australian East Coast Energy Market.

I am in a loving, compassionate and sel-expressed relationship which is the most rewarding endeavour I have ever taken on. Anyone who is familiar with human psychology knows that the most important relationship you'll even have is the relationship you have with yourself. Given my relationship with myself was on the mend when I met my partner I had to deal with my relationship with myself at a rate of knots so that wasn't projecting all of inside uglyness on to him. Fortunately I found 'the one' and get to be a 'bonus' Mum which is a priviledge and rewarding experience and is only something I can empathise with now having walked in blended parent shoes.

I am also up to things in life that contribute to the lives of other people. I share my bulimia recovery story regularly on social media and is the purpose of my blog, I participate in, assist and coach participants of programs with Landmark, I created NudeUP for women to discover a new relationship with their nude body and the Women Unleashed podcast where we share authentically about women's lives.

Lastly, recently I connected with my all-time passion of horse riding, in particular show jumping. My goal is to be the first female and Australian to win a gold medal at the Olympics in Show Jumping. I have no idea how I am going to get there which is the best place to start. All I do know is during my time competing in show jumping as a junior I can ride very well and have got what it takes!  

If you can assist me on this journey please get in touch.

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